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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gospel Meeting? Part 2

Gospel Meeting?
Continued from last week….In several weeks we will be having a gospel meeting here in Elizabethtown. The dates for the gospel meeting will be from Sunday, October 23rd- Wednesday, October 25th. Our guest speaker will be Mel Futrell. I can remember that a man who is now a gospel preacher told me that he wouldn’t be a Christian if it wasn’t for gospel meetings. He tells the story that he was invited to a gospel meeting and it changed his life. As we look at the attitude that we should have towards our upcoming meeting I believe this story bears keeping in mind. Last week we looked at the importance of attending our gospel meeting because of the knowledge that would be presented. This week I would like to present some more attitudes that we should have in regard to the gospel meeting.

Evangelism: Matthew 28:18-20
The second reason I hope that you will be excited about our upcoming gospel meeting is the evangelism opportunities that are there. You might be thinking…”but gospel meeting don’t work anymore, nobody gets converted from them.” If that is your attitude about the upcoming gospel meeting, I would encourage you to ask yourself this question: Why? I believe part of the reason is that we don’t invite others like in years past. I would encourage you to meet this challenge: Ask one person to come for each night that we have the gospel meeting. Note that my challenge is not to bring one person but to ask them. After all we must ask them before we can expect them to come. If everybody asks the individuals from our community, there will be some who don’t want to come, but there will also be those who do come. If we can get those from the community to our meetings I believe that they will have the opportunity to hear the gospel proclaimed, and then we can see the fruits evangelistically of a gospel meeting.

Elders: Hebrews 13:17
The third reason I would urge you to have an excited attitude about our upcoming meeting is the elders have decided this will be a beneficial thing for this congregation. Hebrews 13:17 tells us that we should have confidence in our Elder’s decisions and submit to them. We have wonderful elders here in the church at Elizabethtown, and we should submit to them and support the wonderful programs that they set up for the benefit of the congregation.

To be continued….

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