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Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Everyday!

Black Everyday?
By Michael Galloway

This Thanksgiving I made the trek home to Tupelo, MS where I grew up. I was grateful to be able to enjoy several days of family, and food. As I was there I also had some downtime and had the opportunity to read the paper and watch the news. I was amazed at the lengths that many went to in order to take advantage of Black Friday sales. I read and watched the stories of people who would stand and wait for hours upon hours for the items that they were wanting to purchase. I read of the skirmishes that took place among the dedicated shoppers as they were so committed to getting that item that they would literally fight for it. I read of a couple who decided to take advantage of Black Friday this year and one camped out at Best Buy, while the other camped out at the Ashley HomeStore. They started camping out at 3:30 P.M. on Wednesday, when the stores didn’t open till midnight on Friday. They were wanting to purchase a 42’ TV and a sofa. As I saw how committed the shoppers on Black Friday were I thought about what if Christians had the “Black Friday” mentality every day? How different would our world be? Think about it:

1) Christians would be doing whatever it took to achieve the purpose of Christianity of getting to Heaven and taking as many people with us. It wouldn’t matter to Christians what they had to go through to achieve their objectives. We would always put Christ first in our lives. Matthew 28:18-20, Hebrews 11:6

2) Christians would be “Hot” for Christ. There is absolutely no way that you could camp out overnight at a store for an item unless you had a great commitment to getting that item. When we become hot for Christ we will have actions that as a by-product show our commitment.  It is impossible to be hot if we don’t do anything. The church in Laodicea in Revelation 3, were lukewarm Christians and were described as neither hot nor cold. Christ said he would spit them out and said he wished that they would choose whether they were going to be cold or hot. Christ realized the harm to others that could come from someone who was living a lukewarm life.  What if we lived everyday like it was a Christian’s Black Friday, think about how hot we would be as Christians and the influence that we could have on our world.

3) Christians would be victorious. When it came to Black Friday those who got there first and camped out were the ones who were going to succeed in getting the deals. Why? Because they weren’t afraid of dedicating themselves to doing what was necessary no matter what others thought! That is the attitude that Paul had when he evangelized. What if we had that attitude? I guarantee there would be a great reward waiting in Heaven. Matthew 6:33.

Will you become a Black Friday Christian?

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  1. I agree Michael! I find it sad that so many people don't reach out and evangelize because they view it as an "inconvenience". Just like the story of the good Samaritan, I wonder what would happen if we had that same committed attitude for our Lord? Great post and good thoughts!