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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gospel Meeting?

Gospel Meeting?

editors note: This is the first of three articles that will lead up to our upcoming gospel meeting in Elizabethtown.

In several weeks we will be having a gospel meeting here in Elizabethtown. The dates for the gospel meeting will be from Sunday, October 23rd- Wednesday, October 25th. Our guest speaker will be Mel Futrell. I can remember when I was but a little child being told by my parents that we were having a gospel meeting. I can remember that I was so excited about this meeting that I went and invited people. I even invited my favorite teacher at school, my gym teacher (and he came). I can also remember several years later when I wondered “why do I have to go to a gospel meeting every day this week and miss my normal activities?” I wish I had realized at that time the things that I know now. Which attitude describes your attitude about our upcoming gospel meeting? Is it the attitude that I displayed as a little child, or the attitude that I displayed as an early teen? For the next several weeks I would like to look at the reasons we should be excited and come to the gospel meeting.


The first reason that we should be excited about our upcoming gospel meeting is the knowledge that will be presented. I am so thankful for the eldership here at Elizabethtown and the great leadership that they provide, part of this leadership is selecting preachers to come who know the scripture. I am excited about our upcoming gospel meeting because knowledge will be presented to those in the audience who don’t know the scripture as well as they should, to those who have never heard the gospel, and it will be a great reminder to those whom know the scripture well. I am reminded in 2 Timothy 2:15 the responsibility that we have to “study to show ourselves approved unto God”! I have always been amazed at what happened in Jeremiah’s day under King Josiah. The people of that time had become so worldly that they had forgotten the law. The book of the Law was found when King Josiah restored the temple and when he read it he tore his clothes because they had been living so sinfully. We are in danger of letting history repeat itself if we fail to have a understanding of the Law of God. Gospel meetings are a great way of learning the knowledge that is in the scripture and using that newly learned knowledge as a motivation to go and study diligently and live for Him. Will you come learn at the gospel meeting?

To be continued…..

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