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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Saved Fight!

The Saved Fight!
By Michael Galloway

This past weekend the youth took a trip to Richmond, KY for their Commit Youth Rally. While there one of the speakers told a story that I took to use as the foundation for this article. I did change the story to add some things that I felt would make it work better for this particular purpose.

The speaker told about a Roman soldier he had heard about with a shield made out of tin with the number seventeen on it. The Romans Soldier was looking for someone to fight, however before he could have a match with an opponent he believed that it was important to have someone to keep score. He found someone to Mark the score, and instructed them that this fight was to have sixteen available points in each round and sixteen rounds. He then found an opponent whom he had a quarrel with and wanted to make repent. His opponent was Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Luke brought 13 light sabers with him to this fight although he could only use three at a time. The Roman soldier had fought in ten fights in his career and had ten wins, but confessed that he couldn’t win unless there was a fair fight. When Luke brought so many light sabers to the match the soldier decided that a referee was essential. The referee had to be someone who was big and strong enough to enforce the rules. For this match they decided to get a big, burly lumberjack who carries an axe on his shoulder and two .38’s on his waist. The lumberjack decided that he would immerse the match in rules to make sure things went well, he realized that if the opponents didn’t like it forgiveness would be given when the match went well because the it had been immersed in rules. This big burly lumberjack saved the fight by making sure that it was fair. His name was Peter and he had been in three matches himself, and had refereed twenty-one others. He realized that a good referee can save a match from disaster. He said that his style of referring can be an example of that as put he put a notch on his axe for the eighth straight match that had gone successful because of the rules that he had made sure were followed.

Obviously this story never happened, however I hope that this story will be beneficial to you remembering some of the passages in the Bible which instruct us in regard to salvation. I hope that you can share this story with someone else.

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